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Farewell Sweet Scamps

Not much of a boat dog! Like me, Scamps wasn't the most seaworthy of pooches. Here he is on the good vessel Ambiance circa 2010.

This month's installment of "A Princess in the Pantry" is not a recipe.

It is an ode to the best pet ever and his long and lasting impact on my life, my husband Tom and too many friends to count.

Here is my personal reflection, along with a quick video that shows my little man through the years. As sweet Freddie Mercury of Queen so accurately sang (and John Deacon wrote about his bride), "You're my Best Friend."

To borrow from Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky were we to love something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Scamps the wonder pup, whose name came to Tom in a dream…”Airplane” movie reference and all, shared his last snuggle today. He lived long – 15 years, 8 months and 8 days – and well. But make no mistake, he will be sorely missed.

What he lacked in obedience, he made up for with an abundance of cuteness, kisses and overall sweetness. And cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles, as well as an uncanny ability to hog both the bed and couch.

He loved long sniffs (one could hardly call it a walk) and his humans had no problem indulging this need.

A handsome fellow from the start, Scamps gave up the ghost of his original dark hair at around two years of age. His soft coat grew to a lovely silver with generous hints of dark blond.

He originally shared his castle with Jef-with-one-f, a rescue kitty that proudly had his own theme song (sung to the tune of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die”). Not to be outdone, Scamps had two of his own themes, “Belly Rub Boy” and “Puppy of the Puppies,” both original compositions by Tom.

Once he ruled the homestead as a single pet, all bets were off. Tom and Colleen would duke it out for his affections, but Scamps was an equal opportunity lover, showering affection as warranted or needed. We laughed (remember the booties video!?) and now we cry as our sweet old man leaves us to run with the big dogs. God speed, Scamper-damper-doooo. We will always love you.

Click on the image below to watch Scamps: The Movie.

Scamps and Colleen in Maine @ Perkins Cove circa 2013.

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